Introducing Your AI FXMentor

Elevate your trading with FXMentor who’s attuned to your trading style, biases , weaknesses and strengths and behavioural  patterns, who monitors the basics such as official economic releases as well as latest market gossip, and has been trained over years on the real money datasets of traders just like you and understands the fractal nature of market patterns and behavioral set pieces and the probability of outcome for your behaviour in any market condition.

FXMentor is not just a chatbot made aware of trading rules or even insights from other traders. It is not dependent on public domain info such as ‘buy low, sell high’

Instead it has access to the trade history and real time trades of all other traders on the microcosm it regards as its home. Real data from real traders provide the brains for FXMentor. Chat Gpt type hallucinations are excluded from the microcosm leading to your mentor who knows you objectively and will give you big data driven insights and signals that are tailored for your success.

Never lose money by forgetting an economic release or my being unaware of the latest news and trader gossip. FXMentor is aware of real time info from official sources that you can customise. As well as taking the pulse of market sentiment by constantly scanning the popular social spaces such as Telegram groups, Facebook, and Twitter feeds.

fx mentor also has a keen eye for the sway of emotions in trading and offers a steadying hand. It dishes out data driven expectancy factors to help you steer clear of emotionally charged decisions, boosting your chances of leaving bad trades and staying in good trades.

Astute Market Sentiment Analysis: Get the skinny on the market’s chatter, hot off the press.

Tailored Trading Behaviour Analysis: Confront your trading idiosyncrasies, inclinations, and blind spots. Understand how to keep objective and calm while all about you are losing their things.

Fx mentor keeps its ear to the ground, monitoring news, tweets, blogs, and YouTube content related to your chosen assets, employing top-notch sentiment analysis. It handsyou the market’s vibe on an asset, endowing you with an ace up your sleeve in your decision-making arsenal.

24/7 Bespoke behavioural Insights & Recommendations: Trade with the your AI assistant that knows all your levels and previous trades as well as those of many others.
Our 4 year old AI scrutinizes your trading behaviour, with an eye to alerting you when your behaviour is likely to bring loss. Market news, sentiment, and insights from social media separately provides context for framing your behaviour.

With fx mentor, you can tailor your intel feed, sticking to news outlets and influencers you hold in high esteem. Sift through the hubbub and zoom in on the intel that’s pivotal to you.

fx mentor replaces all your dashboard functions such as static account data charts. FXMentor will use 78 KPI interpretations to provide up to 30 bespoke visualisations of your trading activity to provide you with the insights needed to modfiy your behaviour if necessary.

This thorough dissection aids you in making bolder and more enlightened trading decisions, armed with the a huge database of historical trades that cover every single outcome from any position.

Receive configurable daily reports and actionable insights and recommendations for the trading day ahead, With fx mentor, you’re at your absolute best and armed to position yourself a step ahead of the market.